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What our Accounting service has to offer?

Eureka Accountants take pride in offering top quality accounting services to their clients. Our dedicated and skilled professionals have efficiency to prepare accounts in a precise manner and deliver them on timely basis.

Some of the benefits our accounting service can provide to you as a client are;

Accounting Services:

EUREKA Accountants provides a wide range of accounting services to support SME. Among the range of accounting services, we can provide the following accounting services:

Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting (or online accounting) allows you to keep your business books online. Cloud accounting offers the benefits of

Less paper

You don’t need to keep hundreds of receipts, they’re stored for you “in the cloud” (on a remote server) so you can view them at any time.

Ease of access

You can access and review your accounts easily, at any time, in any place. All you need is internet access and you could send an invoice while out and about or waiting for a meeting.

Better control

Online accounting means you can analyze, review and control your business data in real time which allows you taking the right actions to improve profits immediately.

Eureka and Cloud accounting:

We work with many providers of cloud accounting software such as Xero, FreeAgent, Quickbooks or any other software of your choice. We can help you set up your system on cloud accounting system, add you to the system and show you how to use it so you get the most benefit from it.

After the set-up you will receive your online accounting login details. Your dedicated accountant will provide you with initial training for the use of software and will provide you with on-going help and advice. Help you need us to provide might be;

Cloud Accounting Softwares


Xero is a best choice when it comes to small business accounting. It has easiest and user-friendly interface. You can use various features to run your business: Payroll, VAT Return, Claim expenses, Send invoices, Inventory, Bank reconciliation, Accept payments, Track projects, Bank connections, Pay bills, Purchase orders, Reporting, Quotes, Multi-currency accounting, files, Contacts & smart lists, capture data etc


QuickBook Online has variety of automated features which can help you cutting down your time which you spend on routine accounting tasks. It provides variety of features; Send invoices, Self assessment, Manage VAT, Payroll, Connect bank, Time tracking, Pay Bills, Budget expenses, Mileage tracking etc


It can configure a variety of different business models. We can provide support with the design, implementation and training designed to meet your specific requirements. It provides Auto entry, Send invoicing, Stock management, Tax, Billing, Self assessment, Intelligence reporting, VAT, Construction accounting, Accounts Payable, Mobile app etc.

We have the best reputation in the world. We offer cost-effective accounting services

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Edna Oyedi
Edna Oyedi
March 15, 2023
Eureka is a reliable accountancy, they have provided me with day to day advice on how my business can grow and develop. They are easy to contact for assistance and guidance and they care about you as a person and your business as a whole. I do recommend Eureka accountancy.
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan
January 31, 2023
Excellent service. I would strongly recommend for efficient accountancy. Just a phone call away, always ready to help. Very knowledgeable would always keep you right and up to date. Makes your life hassle free, will share all details required for your payrolls, other payments etc.
Zara World
Zara World
January 31, 2023
I am new business owner, so i was very unfamiliar with the various structures and tax process. Eureka Accountants explained everything to me and made it very convenient and easy process for me overall. Great service and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone Thanks very much
Ali Zubair
Ali Zubair
January 31, 2023
As a small business owner, finding the right accountant is crucial for the success of my company. I am beyond grateful to have found this great accountancy firm who has been a valuable asset to my business for the past 4 years. They are trustworthy, diligent, honest and friendly, making the financial management process for my business seamless. Their expertise has allowed me to focus on growing my business while they take care of the finances. I highly recommend this firm to any small business owner in need of a dependable and knowledgeable accountant. Five stars all the way!
Shanaz Khan
Shanaz Khan
January 31, 2023
Great service and very competent, helpful and friendly staff!


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