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We are known as one of the top companies that offer tax, accounting, and financial guidance to people working in the media and entertainment sectors. As accountants who work with TV and film producers, production firms, hair and makeup, stunt performers, fashion designer, freelancers, and performing artists in particular, we have developed an exceptional reputation.

We are aware of the unique characteristics of the sector and the requirements of its workforce. We are fully aware of the particular set of circumstances that those in the media and entertainment industry live and work in, including how to finance a new movie or production, having multiple sources of income or inconsistent income, keeping unsociable hours, and knowing what tax deductions can and cannot be made. As Chartered Accountants with expertise in the media, we can customize our services to meet your needs.

Art Galleries

We offer a variety of services as specialized accountants for art galleries and artists, ranging from routine financial management to strategic tax and business counseling

Even though in our experience, artists are more business aware than stereotypes might suggest, we know that people don't enter the art sector because they enjoy filling out VAT forms or creating yearly accounts. Because of this, we regard our primary responsibility as taking care of the compliance and accounting responsibilities that might otherwise cause you to lose focus on what truly motivates and inspires you.


Your status as an artist is irrelevant to HMRC. It requires you to keep records and pay tax on your profits like any other sole trader if you receive income from your work in the form of sales, commissions, licensing, or taxable grants.

You must submit a yearly personal income tax self-assessment return if you are a sole proprietor. We can take care of that for you, making sure it is filed on time and taking into account company expenses, reliefs, and allowances.

When planning for retirement, inheritance tax, and how their legacy will be handled once they pass away, artists should pay special attention. On all of this’s accounting and financial issues, we can offer support.

Fashion designer

These days, competition is rampant throughout most businesses, but fashion is at a whole other level. Consumer pressure to keep prices low, but also pressure to avoid using substandard labor or materials (and rightly so). Since the core audience wants to pay less than ever for a single item, fashion firms must maintain a sustainable business, adhere to ethical and quality standards, and stay innovative.

We relieve the burden in any way we can, whether it's by helping you stay on top of the necessary filing and taxes, keeping the business's cost structure as low as possible, or assisting with project costing.

We can aid in the creation of funding-ready business ideas, introduce you to a larger network of potential allies and collaborators, and look into tax-saving opportunities.

Hair and Makeup artists

In a high street or local community's center point, hair, and makeup artists are vital to both daily living and the UK economy.

You can contact a member of our staff who is dedicated to assisting hair and makeup artists with their accounting and tax needs. So, we can assist you whether you need help with year-end accounting, establishing a PAYE system, succession planning, or need tax advice tailored to the hair and beauty sector (Income tax, VAT, Corporate Tax, or Capital Gains Tax).

At a set monthly charge based on the requirements of hair and makeup professionals, we can provide solid and economical advice.


Many ardent photographers choose to make their living as photographers. While expanding the business is a strength for photographers, back-office duties like finance and accounting compliance can be time-consuming.

Because we are fully aware of the difficulties a photography agency faces, we have developed a specialist accounting solution.

Stunt Performers

Our accountants for entertainers specialize in offering exceptional business growth help and professional tax guidance to everyone from actors to stunt performers, TV personalities to stage performers.

We can help you with all aspects of self-assessment, including gathering the necessary data and supporting you with the completion and filing of your tax return. We can also calculate your future tax obligations and offer advice on tax repayments.

Additionally, Eureka Accountants for actors and stunt performers may offer strategic planning guidance to help you take full advantage of the tax laws now in place. If necessary, we can also introduce you to additional expert counsel.

tv and film

Entertainment professionals in television and film are by no means hard to find. New entertainers have been inspired and encouraged to emerge as a result of technological advancements in the digital age, creating a faster-paced, more intensely competitive profession for people with a passion for the arts. To remain competitive, you must maintain financial stability and create a strategy for your professional development as an entertainment.

Your revenues from appearances, gigs, and performances (as well as other various benefits like free travel or lodging) should be processed correctly because you might be required to pay tax regardless of whether your role in the TV and film industry is your primary source of income or a secondary source of income.


We offer accounting and business consulting services to Youtubers, streamers, gamers, and digital businesses. We provide help for online video producers who use YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and other digital platforms.

Our group assists budding celebrities like you in managing their money simply. We check to see whether they are paying too much tax and provide them guidance on anything from accounts to savings.

We take care of everything so that you don't have to. We appreciate what you do, and we'll give you the independence and self-assurance you need to succeed.


Are you a social media influencer, online content producer, or blogger? Our accounting staff at Eureka Accounting collaborates closely with the influencers at the center of the social media sector and has a thorough understanding of it.

We are consequently in a perfect position to comprehend your digital business, provide you with the appropriate guidance to take advantage of opportunities, and help you generate the highest possible revenues and profits from your online brand.

We have the best reputation in the world. We offer cost-effective accounting services

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Edna Oyedi
Edna Oyedi
March 15, 2023
Eureka is a reliable accountancy, they have provided me with day to day advice on how my business can grow and develop. They are easy to contact for assistance and guidance and they care about you as a person and your business as a whole. I do recommend Eureka accountancy.
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan
January 31, 2023
Excellent service. I would strongly recommend for efficient accountancy. Just a phone call away, always ready to help. Very knowledgeable would always keep you right and up to date. Makes your life hassle free, will share all details required for your payrolls, other payments etc.
Zara World
Zara World
January 31, 2023
I am new business owner, so i was very unfamiliar with the various structures and tax process. Eureka Accountants explained everything to me and made it very convenient and easy process for me overall. Great service and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone Thanks very much
Ali Zubair
Ali Zubair
January 31, 2023
As a small business owner, finding the right accountant is crucial for the success of my company. I am beyond grateful to have found this great accountancy firm who has been a valuable asset to my business for the past 4 years. They are trustworthy, diligent, honest and friendly, making the financial management process for my business seamless. Their expertise has allowed me to focus on growing my business while they take care of the finances. I highly recommend this firm to any small business owner in need of a dependable and knowledgeable accountant. Five stars all the way!
Shanaz Khan
Shanaz Khan
January 31, 2023
Great service and very competent, helpful and friendly staff!


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